Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cherry Hill

Friday afternoon, Kev and I headed to the outskirts of Lassen National Forest for our first camping trip together--and what we assume is Tasha's first campin' trip ever. We drove through the small woodsy town of Butte Meadows to the Cherry Hill Campground.

We were one of the only groups there, so we got a prime spot: the furthest set-back from the road, and closest to the creek. We got to explore a bit with Tasha, build a few campfires, make s'mores, and get away from Chico for a day and night. If it wasn't already late in the season, we would be heading back real soon. Here's some more pictures from our trip..

We have a list going of places we want to visit/camp. It's too bad we'll probably have to wait until next spring :(
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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Livin' for the weekends

Another school week over, another weekend flies by. We live for the weekends. No three-year-olds crying in my ear, calling me "stupid-head", or sneezing all over me. No long hours in physics and construction labs for Kevin. Just whatever plans we make for ourselves, until Sunday afternoon homework at least.

We did some major grocery shopping Saturday, seriously. The fridge was almost completely empty and we were scrounging up ingredients for decent meals. So we got up early, had some coffee and a light breakfast, watched a little TV, and then headed to Safeway and Winco to do some damage. $150+, ouch. But we should be good-for a long while.

We don't really have cable TV because it is too expensive. We get network channels and a few more, mostly Hispanic programming, lol. So we started using Netflix and are working on three shows at once. We are on the third season of Mad Men now. When we have to send the DVD back and wait for the next disc of episodes we watch The Office (Season 6) and Weeds (Season 4) on instant streaming, it's so awesome! We just log onto Netflix from Kev's Ps3 and episode after episode can be played instantly. Definitely worth the 9$ a month. Some days we watch a few episodes of something, some days we don't watch any-it all depends on the homework.

Speaking of school, things are chuggin' right along. Already 7 weeks in, or is it 8? I write a lot of small papers and do a lot of landscape observation. Not many tests for me this semester, but a lot of writing. Kevin usually has homework assignments, and has midterms for every class. He just took his second physics test on Friday and thinks he "nailed it." He has three tests next week-good luck Kev!

Friday afternoon we drove Tasha out to Orland to have her spay suters removed from the humane society's vet. She was very scared and even peed a little on the table, lol. Then we drove her out to the shelter to show Judy, the person who basically runs the place, how well Tasha is doing. Then it was back to the vet to get her rabies tag. We got so many questions about her looks and breeds, she is very unique I guess.

When we got home we gave her a treat for a job well done and decided to take her to campus and back-a long walk for such a little doggy! But she has so much fun smelling all the new smells, barking at strangers, and trying to chase after grey squirrels.

Yes, she has a snaggle-tooth, we love it!

Saturday was Kevin's Grandma's birthday! We wanted to head to Modesto to celebrate but its a pretty long drive from Chico for a day trip and my car isn't running so well, so we thought it might be better just to stay here. But, Happy Birthday Grandma!!! Thanks for all you do and hope you had a nice, relaxing Saturday!

We played with Tasha a little bit more Saturday afternoon in the front yard with her new Tasha-sized tennis ball.


Then, we used our second garden grown green pepper to fry up some carne asada fajitas for dinner, YUM! and settled in for some major TV watching and brownie baking.

All in all, a not-so-eventful weekend-but we have gotten a lot of stuff done around the house. Here comes another week!
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