Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yancy and Peanut in the movies

We made this little video to post on the Orland Town and Country Humane Society's Facebook  hoping that it would interest someone who might be considering adopting a small dog. Check it out!

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Yancy and Peanut!!!

Meet Yancy (left in first picture) and Peanut (right).

These two boys are our new foster pups from the Orland Humane Society. Yancy had been at the shelter since September. He is a terrier mix, about 16 pounds, and kinda crazy. He had a broken leg when he was first found and brought to the shelter, but you wouldn't know it now! He runs and jumps like no other little dog I've seen.

Peanut came to the shelter later in 2010. He is a dachsund/pug mix. He's got a long body and a weiner dog snout, but big bulging Pug eyes. He is about 14 pounds and could use a little extra meat on his bones. He is very mellow and a total lap dog. The thing he loves the most: FOOD.

Don't be fooled by how close and cuddly the boys are in the pictures, the play fight as much as they can. Yancy is the instigator, but Peanut doesn't back down easy. They would probably both rather that the other wasn't here, but by fostering both we were able to give a large dog a pen to live in at the shelter. The shelter is as MAX capacity and cannot accept any more dogs :(

We've been going on nice long walks, but these boys wear each other out for the most part. Supposedly both were not potty-trained, but we haven't had an accident since the first day (Peanut hasn't had any!). They love walks, car rides, treats (dog food kibble) for going potty outside, and cuddling on the couch. Plus, they can both fit in Mia's big old crate--they sleep in there at night and while we are gone from the house.

So far, so good!

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year

So New Year's in Pleasanton ended up being a success, if you consider amazing Chinese food, lots of free beer/wine/champagne, and ridiculous kareoke in an empty Chinese restaurant, a success. I'd have to say, we did.

So Kev, myself, and my family and visitors well went out to celebrate with a nice dinner. Fast forward to about an hour later and we are singing kareoke (songs hand-picked by a Golden Chopsticks owner, Paul), drunk, and loving it.

Here's a few pics. It was certainly a night to remember, as was the walk home since none of us could drive, lol.

Us kids stopped at the Sunshine Saloon on the way home for another beer, and rang in the New Year

This was Kev and I's 4th NYE together! Happy 4 Years!

Becca and I stayed the night at the Rose, it was so lovely and relaxing. Then we all headed to the Campbell for Timmy and Cynthia's beautiful wedding ceremony and to San Jose for the reception.

Gorgeous, right?!

It was so much fun. Dancing, and a candy bar, and a photobooth (someday I'll post those pictures once I scan them on my new printer!!), and games, and drinks. Congrats, Timmy and Cynthia!

Marcus and Indi told me that the kids LOVE to be in their pjs. This was is San Jose, the morning after the wedding. They must have been exhausted from the wedding. Gaby loves to dance/bounce and Dominic walked around with a "Jason" mask on the whole night (from the photobooth). Aren't his skeleton pjs the cutest?!

Kev and I are both back in Chico now. He is taking a winter course and I am just hanging out, trying to work on my honors project. We decided to make a cake last weekend, with fondant, which neither of us have made before. It was an adventure, here's how it turned out...

It was so, so, so sweet. but we had fun making it. But I definately would try a recipe that doesn't use marshamallows next time.

Hope the New Year is treating everyone well!
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