Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

 Happy Anniversary Mom and Tim!


4 years ago, mom and Tim said got married in front of their 5 kids, grandkids, and future daughters/son in-law. It really is amazing to watch my mom and stepdad work towards their goal/dream of building their retirement home in Grants Pass. I have had the pleasure of being a part of it and being able to help make decisions, meet some great people, document the process, and be a physically help build it! They work very hard to be able to achieve their goal, and although it may be a very slow process, it is  coming along. So, here's to you guys and your dream.

In other news, Kevin and I have been engaged for a whole 2 months now! I am so proud to call him my fiance and I am so proud of how hard he has been working for the last two months at his new job. He goes in early and stays late most days, but I don't mind because I know he is learning a lot, working hard, and taking on more responsibility. This picture is from our 5 year anniversary on New Year's Day at the Raider game. I love you babe!
Plus, I hope to share some projects I have been working on lately (hence lack of posts) this weekend!


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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

You know you live in the country when..

a tumbleweed decides to call your front porch home.


and yes, we have a cute, teal front door.
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Friday, March 16, 2012

nail art

This week I went a little crazy with the first mani, yes, first.

 I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear's Mint Sorbet and Celeb City, mixed in some cosmetic glitter and  Milani Nail Art silver [ADD in some white hand-painted flowers and pink rhinestones]

I used the good-old masking tape to do a slanted design. I recommend doing the base color HOURS before using the masking tape and sticking the tape to something before using it.

Well, after all that work I took it off the next day. It was just too much. 
It's dark and rainy here in northern California - so I chose my trusty Jessica Midnight Moonlight.

I couldn't resist a little sparkle (and had to cover an imperfection) - I love Essie's Set in Stones.

This will probably stick around until Sunday - no St. Patty's green for me!


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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

That's a wrap!

Aren't Friday's just like nothing else. They are so great at leading into a Saturday that it almost makes Thursday full of the same awesomeness - merely by being the day before Friday. Just a thought.

We chilled Friday and ate a yummy dinner of I can't remember what. We made a game-plan for Saturday (which we do often). They go like this..we plan out the day verbally, as if we participate in some grand scheme of activities and must do so to keep a day together, then we repeat the chronological plan verbally to make sure we both understand. Then when it is time to actually enact the gameplan (Saturday early morning) Kev pretends like we didn't just plan out the entire day the night before - and makes me repeat it all again.

So we got up super duper early in preparation for intentional garage-saling. I had addresses written down, coffee in travel mugs, and my iPhone maps app ready. The goal: Dining room table and chairs. Maybe an entry-way table? Other things our new place could use. No junk.

The result: the exact kind of dining room set I was looking for within our price range (okay, maybe just a tiny bit over because it was perfect) and a few rugs in great shape for around the sliding glass doors (puppy mud prints). That's it I I said - no junk!

Introducing our new table! Don't mind the mess on top..

 It has six beautiful chairs and a leaf - so it will grow with us. Very excited about it and looking forward to recovering the cushions and re-staining the top at some point.

We then went to our old stomping grounds (Broadway) to clean the place and meet with our landlord. Turns out there is one good thing about living in a small place - less to clean. It went pretty fast (thanks to our gameplan) and we were done in a few hours. We parted ways with our landlord, deposit check in hand, and the last load of junk stuff in Kev's truck. We ran some errands and by the time we got to our new home we were too tired to even unload anything.

Sunday was rough. Really, how does losing one single hour wreck such havoc?!? Besides the pups waking up at 5:45 (really 4:45), I ended up falling asleep while knitting in the afternoon (yes, I am 23). We had a yummy breakfast, watched some NASCAR, unloaded the truck, made a Target run for some stuff for the house and just "Sunday stuff" like laundry and organizing and such.

Here's to being 98% done moving!! And our first storm last night in the new place! And the pups being able to RUN (see photo).

We miss you, families!


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Friday, March 9, 2012

for girly girls #2

Still on my never-ending search for a nude that works for me. Let's cut to the chase - this is not it. But never-the-less, here is this weeks mani link-up with the Nail Files!

The Nail Files

SH image via
This weeks manicure - Sally Hansen Complete Manicure - Nude Now. I topped it off with Essie - All-in-one, which I mentioned last week. The whole idea behind this line of SH polishes is you don't need a base or top coat - but I am a skeptic. I NEED a top coat. If I can make a manicure last 4 or 5 days, I am overjoyed. This is actually already off, for a total of 4.5 days, since tomorrow is cleaning day at our old place and it would get ruined anyways.

Anyways, this is just not my color. Too orange for a fair-skinned gal like me. I got this at Wal-mart, but I recently looked at Rite-Aid and they have a ba-jillion more nude-tones that I would have rather tried. Ugh. On to the next nude for me!

P.s. please don't judge my cuticles.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy Birthday D!

Happy 4th Birthday to the cutest little guy and nephew in the world! 

Feeling blessed to have a happy, healthy, and of course ADORABLE nephew (and niece) to love!
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