about us

Twenty-three, former competitive cheerleader, currently an environmental scientist, & future teacher. 
Mom to two crazy pups, fiance to that handsome man below, & auntie to two adorable kids.
When not tending to those aforementioned pups, I crochet, knit, attempt to bake, attempt to cook, read, go for walks, take pictures with my new camera, & attempt to plan our lives.
I get up early and go to bed early. 
I like coffee, shirley temples, & japanese food.
And dogs. I like dogs.
Kevin is twenty-four, former footballer/lacrosser/baseballer, current construction manager, & all-around hunk.
Dad to the same crazy pups & my future husband.
When not working long hours, he restores his guns, researches guns, shoots guns & cleans guns.
He is also the proud owner of a '68 Chevy Camaro & a Chevy truck.
He likes mexican food, classic rock & country, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale & sleeping in on Saturdays.
He also likes dogs.

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  1. I love this so much!! Auntie Chris xoxo


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