Sunday, September 26, 2010

When September Ends

It may be 100 degrees, but it's fall. Kevin "harvested" his sunflower seeds this weekend. We cut off the heads, they are drying out now, then we'll soak the seeds, and bake! We already had a little sampling and they were AMAZING. This was a first for both of us...and now here we are, Mammoth Sunflower growers!



Pretty cool, if we say so ourselves. Can't wait for seed-baking/eating time. Special, very special, thanks to our best friends Jenn and Daniel for watering these babies when we had abandoned them for Pleasanton over the summer. They were troopers and made it through the Chico heat!

During a landscape observation project this weekend, I was lucky enough to get 2 flat tires. My fault of course since I went biking through walnut and almond orchards instead of staying on the somewhat paved roads. Anyways, saw some really awesome farm houses and ranches--and put some well-earned miles on my lovely cruiser.

Oh, and of course we had to make a Sunday evening Walmart run (ugh), to buy new tubes so that I can actually ride to school this week. Thanks to Kev for cleaning up my bike and pumping up my new tubes, ready to ride again!

Speaking of bike rides...we went garage saleing around the neighborhood Saturday afternoon and decided to put Tasha in my basket and take her with us. She did great! Oh, and Kevin bought a telescope from 1967 for $1. And it works! He's stoked.

The best part of this weekend has been getting to know Tasha. The more time we've spent with her, the more we just adore this little girl. She is SO well behaved, and loving, and loyal. We finally heard her bark (not really much of a bark, lol) as the Chico Air Show jets whizzed by overhead. We gave her a bath today after she decided to attack the hose water Kev was using. So much fun...

After all the excitement, it was time for a nap...

We are so impressed by this wonderful dog, any family would be lucky to adopt her. But for now, she is just reveling in all the attention. We haven't been away from here for more than an hour, and she was SO excited to see us when we got back you'd think we'd been gone for days. She is just do darn cute.

Another weekend done, another (HOT) school-week ahead.
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