Monday, November 15, 2010


It's a tough Monday, after such a long, beautiful, and relaxing weekend.

We actually did a little bit of everything this weekend--played video games, went out for a few drinks and a beer, worked on some knitting projects, took Tasha for a few walks and rides, barbecued, cooked, homework, watched football, etc.

On Thursday, Tasha helped me with a tie-blanket I was making for a "calm space" at work. She has taken to laying out in the rock area in the backyard, basking in the November sun.

She sits on one of my Dad's old chairs like this, straddling the back. She stares out the window while we are gone and growls at passerby/intruders.

And  she watches Kev play PS3.

On Saturday night we went out with some friends for a few drinks. These are the only pictures I got, lol. We went to Panama's for a tea and then to the Bear for some cold Sierra Nevada crystal wheat and some cheap but oh-so-yummy cheese fries.

Here's Kev taking Tasha for a walk around the neighborhood, lookin' handsome :)

We were lucky enough to snag these pics on Sunday. Tasha always falls asleep on her back, especially if were rubbin' her belly. Seriously, isn't she just so adorable?!?

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  1. She reminds me of Pepper the way she bares her teeth. Axel used to perch on the back of the chair like that too! Was it warm there? It was in the mid to high 70s here!

  2. i think of you whenever i order a pint of sierra


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