Sunday, December 5, 2010


Kev and I spent most of Thanksgiving Break here in Chico. The Sunday prior to TG, Kev and I made our first (very own) Turkey! It turned out AMAZINGLY yummy, we we're very proud of ourselves. While he tended to the bird (thanks Grandma Landucci for all the baking tips!), I worked on the side dishes. Yum yum yum.

Not bad lookin' huh? The rest of the week we just hung around the house, ran errands, relaxed, and went for a walks around  the neighborhood and campus (I had to renew and check out some more books from the library for another research paper). Kev got to show me a concrete slab that he helped create for one of his classes, that's it in the pic of him below.

Thursday morning we got up bright and early to head "home" for the real TG. We were nervous to see how Tasha interacted with Kev's parent's dogs Max and Petey. Tasha stayed at their house in Livermore while Kev had TG with his Dad, Stella, his sister and his Nana and Papa. I went to Roseville to spend the day at my Aunt's house. We had a lovely meal, but I couldn't wait to see Gaby, Dominic, Grandpa and Bubba.

Gaby is already writing upper and lower-case letters, spelling names and words, and drawing very well for a 4 year old! I couldn't believe how well she can write and draw, I was a very proud Auntie. And of course, Dominic has so many words. We stayed at a hotel and went back to Bubba's (my Aunt) for a Friday morning brunch (also very yummy). Thanks Bubba for two great meals and a happy TG :)

I met Kev in Modesto on Friday to visit his grandparents. Tasha got to meet the whole gang-Grandma and Grandpa Landucci, dogs Henry and Slinky, but the cats Rocky and Grace evaded her capture, lol. Tasha seems to do very well with male dogs, she was interested but more laid-back than I thought she would be. Slinky seems to be very fond of Tasha, he even sent her a little love e-letter! She was very flattered, but we're not sure that she is looking for "anything serious" at the moment (she is, after all, up for adoption). Hehe. But we are so glad she was able to make a friend! Anyways, I was able to get a few cute pics of the love-birds.

We spent a few hours catching up with Grandma and were glad to see that Grandpa Leo is recuperating well from his hip-replacement surgery. Wishing him quick and less-painfull progress!

It's a very rainy Sunday evening here in Chico. I have been crocheting like crazy since Kev's Grandma gave us a bunch of yarn and needles. I'm having so much fun learning. This lady is a saint. Her blogs, YouTube videos, and instructions are amazing. She has taught me everything I have crocheted so far. I plan on posting a picture here soon of all the items I have made.

We have one more week of school, then Finals Week. Wish us luck!
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  1. Kevin's grandmother is a really nice lady. We're glad we got to meet her. She has YouTube videos??


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