Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Holiday rush

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind.

It all started when I got a call from the OTC Humane Society about a woman wanting to meet Tasha. The lady lives in Chico and was researching possible dogs for her father, who had recently put down his 19-year-old rat terrier. So on a Tuesday evening we took Tasha to meet the whole fam. On that Friday afternoon, we drove Tasha out to her possible new home in Ord Bend, which is a very small town between Chico and I-5. We spent an hour or so with the woman's father and his girlfriend as Tasha ran around the house like crazy. It seemed like a great place for a little doggy, but she still wouldn't let the couple even hold her. We left thinking that she had a 50-50 shot of being adopted by them. Welp, the very next day we got a call that they were already at the shelter in Orland filling out the paper work.

So after almost three months, Tasha was adopted. It would be a lie to say that we weren't very sad, but we kept telling ourselves that this was the best option for her. So, we had a few more hours with her before we drove her out to her new country home.

It all happened very quickly, but we were very thankful to have her be adopted before finals week and not during. So we put on some smiles and thought positive thoughts as Kevin hammered through his finals and I finshed up my papers and tests. It seemed like the longest week, but then it was over. I thought we would have time to relax, but we had to get busy knitting and crocheting.

I had planned to make something for (almost) everyone in my family instead of buying gifts to save money. Kevin decided to do the same. So we set out to finish up the 20 something gifts we had listed in about a week and a half. Kevin knitted so many scarves, and I took to knitting or crocheting one beanie after another. The result...

I don't even think that was all of it, since we were knitting right up until the Christmas Eve. We were so happy that everyone really liked their gifts and all the hard work - and sore fingers- paid off. Since Christmas I knitted a beanie for myself and one for Kev, a surprise (sort of).

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with our families in the Bay Area. Then on Christmas day we went to Kev's Grandma and Grandpa's house in Modesto for a wonderful dinner and family time. Then Kevin braved one of the worst driving experiences of our lives, driving in the pouring rain from Modesto to Angels Camp in the dark, definitely not doing that again!

We got to spend some time with my niece and nephew, and spent the night in Angles Camp. Daddy made us an awesome breakfast in the morning and we were on our way.

Thankyou to everyone in our families for the great gifts, your support, and love. It's great to be home :)

Now we are getting ready for my step-brothers wedding on New Year's Day. Grandpa bought me two nights at the Rose Hotel downtown, so Becca and I will stay there Thursday and Friday night, thanks Grandpa! Can't wait to ring in the new year with a big celebration, a great new dress, and some of my favorite people.

Also, Kevin an I will be celebrating 4 years together on the 1st. Can't wait for many, many more!
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