Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Sunday

Kev and I dropped the pups off at Wacky Wags and headed to the Bay Area for Eater Sunday. We celebrated his sister, Katie's, 21st birthday with his family on Saturday night which was so relaxing and fun - good Sierra Nevada beer, good food, and just all-around happy time. We also stopped to see my best friend Jenn and give big hugs.

Sunday we got to see my niece and nephew, Gaby is almost 6 and Dominic is 4. I can't believe it.
I took as many pics as I could (all iPhone pics so excuse the quality).

notice the bubble juice spilling as he focuses on the bubble.


Cute, right? Anyways, we stopped in Modesto for a few hours to have an Easter dinner with Kev's Grandma and Grandpa, mom and sister. YUM. Then we made the trek back to Chico and slept in our cozy bed that I missed so much, even for just one night. I couldn't wait to pick up the dogs the next morning - and what do you know, they couldn't wait either. 

Happy family, back together again. We are so excited for this weekend, we have a list of things we need want to do.

1. take a hike in Bidwell with the pups, it has been so long since we have been able to go 
(weather, moving, sick, etc.)
2. go see the splash dog contest at the Chico/Northstate Sportsman's Expo (among other things)
3. Paint the fireplace wall (Glidden - Water Chestnut)
4. Start reading Catching Fire
5. do Kev's taxes...

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  1. I love Gaby in teal. And that picture of Dominic blowing through the bubble wand on the driveway is too cute!

    Dane has that same bubble wand in orange. He called the bubbles "big eggs" when he first started talking, so it's a little ritual of ours whenever I go home. I, however, do not let him pour out the soaply solution. (Type-A aunt, I guess)

    What's the splash dog contest?

  2. Great Pictures - Paradise too


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