Monday, April 2, 2012

city maps

I am so excited to finally share these, as I have been working on them recently. The idea for these maps stems from a fellow blogger-and being that I was a geography major with map-making software at my fingertips, I just couldn't help but try and make my own.
 While I love many of the maps and other graphic prints at Jenna Sue Design Co., [I have ordered from her and she is wonderfully quick] I wanted to be able to choose how I depicted the streets (minor and major). I also wanted to choose my own scale, colors (although she has beautiful colors) and most importantly of all, city.
I have both a Chico map and a Pleasanton map framed in our new place, as both these cities mean so much to us and our relationship. Once I repaint that wall, I will post pictures. They are a great modern, but not too modern touch and they look wonderful in simple black or white frames.

 I can't wait to make more of the places that remind me of the people I love.

On another note, my always friend Margaret, who lives in a far far away land [Boston] has launched her new blog featuring projects, recipes, etc. she has undertaken while "pinspired." Love you Madgies!
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  1. Oh hey, thanks for the shout-out! You're still my only real follower, but I'll take it!

    Can I pester you for a map series? Are they easy to do? I have Pleasanton, Isla Vista, Potsdam (Sanssouci Park area), and Boston in my heart of hearts. Color inspiration:


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