Tuesday, May 8, 2012

blow out the candles and cut the doggy cake...

Bodie & Lily are 1 year old!
 We had a little 1 year photoshoot. The pups decided on their favorite accessories, their bandanas.
 BoBo is our sweet cuddler. He only wants to be where we are. He can still be shy, but is learning more and more everyday.
 Lily is our little troublemaker. She gets comments and attention wherever she goes. She gets away with pretty much anything-Daddy's little girl.
 They are as sweet as can be. 
And it makes us think, wow, we must have the most precious pups on the planet. And then...this happens.
They drive us crazy, don't let me sleep in on Saturday mornings, and take up most of the space on the couch. 
Pups, we would have it any other way.

**Note: we don't actually know the pups exact birthday, since they were abandoned at four weeks old. But we count it as two months prior to us welcoming them into our lives last July.
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  1. cute! they will enjoy GP next time you can come.


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