Monday, February 27, 2012


So, I wish there were some very interesting experiences to share from this weekend - but sadly to say, there aren't. It was pretty laid-back in a cluttered/organizing/preparation sort of way.

We worked on getting ready to move-which really means we just moved stuff from one area of our whole 600 sq ft to another part of the 600 sq ft. I am too embarrassed of how our space looks to take pictures. I took most things off the walls & we actually showed the place to a couple who want to move in (let them be warned). We put back on the old knobs that we had replaced with my favorite oil-rubbed bronze ones, raked and swept the front, and continued to make a mess as we try to keep the place relatively neat. Slowly failing on that one.

It is about to rain here (starting tonight, I think) which worries me because our new place is supposed to be getting its carpets cleaned and walls painted this week-not the best weather for drying carpets and walls. Of course last week it was 76° here and windy (perfect drying conditions).

Other than working around the house, we watched Moneyball (Kev loved it), did some major grocery shopping (healthy!), went out to eat at Broadway Heights (forgot to use the coupon we had) and waited for the Daytona 500 to start after a rain delay (it didn't).

my fresh and clean office
pups booty-to-booty
to-die-for sandwiches at BH
Kev's new work boots (spiffy huh?)

About a week ago we started a Couch 2 5K program to get our booties moving and get healthier. So far it's going really well. Wish us luck!

Busy week ahead for me - multiple site inspections to do for work, a meeting in Sacramento with my boss for a project, dinner and drinks with the ladies from work (Paleo Margaritas all around), and packing of course...

Love, K&M

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  1. Hey! Thanks for your nice comment! I do consider myself fair for sure! Im white as a ghost :)

    And good luck with your busy week! Hopefully it gets less crazy!



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