Thursday, February 23, 2012

Welcome again!

It is one of my goals this year to blog much more often-like every week or even multiple times a week. This feels like a tall order, until I look at some of the other blogs I follow/read and these incredible people women/wives/mothers with careers are blogging almost every day. If they can do it, surely I can too.

So here goes-I plan to try and include much more than what we did/where we went (or where we didn't go and what we didn't do). Maybe some crafts? Some decorating? Less pictures of dogs? (yea right).

First off, the changes I keep ever so slyly hinting about...

1. Kevin was done with school/graduated in December (good job babe!) He had already had a few interviews that obviously didn't pan out, so we figured that I would continue to work at Hanover (for the best bosses ever) while he looked for something "up here" in Chico, or elsewhere. Well what do you know, he applied for a position with a local company, Butte Steel Inc., got an interview a little over a week later, and was offered a job on the spot! It was one of those -whoa-  moments and days.

Kev came into my office after his interview, looking all handsome and fancy in his suit, and the ladies I work with put it simply but oh-so-correctly, sometimes things don't work out (the other interviews) for a reason. Here we are, in a terrible economy, both working full-time right out of college. We couldn't ask for much more than that. Are we going to be rich? No. Are we stoked? YES!

Maybe it isn't every Chico State student's dream to stay and work play after graduating, but it was ours and were livin' it. So moving on..

2. We're moving! Two paychecks means a bigger place, thank goodness. Right after Kev started working, I started looking for a place with a yard and two bedrooms. A fenced, big yard. Oh, and a dishwasher would be nice, as would central heat/AC (we haven't had either in years). Closer to work would be great too. Well, there we are a few days later putting a deposit down on a two bedroom/two bathroom place LITERALLY 5 minutes from work.

Oh, did I mention that Kev works LITERALLY 1 minute from my office? I didn't, but it is perfect.

Back to the new place, it has a washer and dryer (that must work better than what we have now, which basically don't), a fireplace!, a huge fenced yard and separate fenced garden, too many closets to count (5 or 6), a carport (a compromise), central heat/AC, dishwasher, etc. It is not the most beautiful or stylish place - but that's what Pinterest is for! We are going to start moving things in next weekend - can't wait!

3. Bodie and Lily (aka B&L, Bo Bo and Wiwy) have a forever home -- Ours. We have seen these puppies go from 5 and 7 pound little 8-week-old nuggets, to very sick/near death with parvo-virus, to thriving parvo-survivors (not all dogs are so lucky), to happy/healthy/crazy almost 10-month old pups. We still have NO idea what they are (mommy probably got around) but we love them anyways. They drive us nuts, they rule the roost, and they insist on chewing their bones on the couch - but that's what owning a dog is all about. So here they are..

b & l at 8 weeks and almost 10 months
Sometimes we joke about how silly they look with those ears, how Lily must have been bred from a squirrel, and how Bodie has the worst doggy-farts known to man-kind. But mostly, they make us melt with their cuteness. Maybe one day they will be as well-behaved as they should be.

Remember, all you need is love...and a dog.

Love, K&M

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