Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

 Happy Anniversary Mom and Tim!


4 years ago, mom and Tim said got married in front of their 5 kids, grandkids, and future daughters/son in-law. It really is amazing to watch my mom and stepdad work towards their goal/dream of building their retirement home in Grants Pass. I have had the pleasure of being a part of it and being able to help make decisions, meet some great people, document the process, and be a physically help build it! They work very hard to be able to achieve their goal, and although it may be a very slow process, it is  coming along. So, here's to you guys and your dream.

In other news, Kevin and I have been engaged for a whole 2 months now! I am so proud to call him my fiance and I am so proud of how hard he has been working for the last two months at his new job. He goes in early and stays late most days, but I don't mind because I know he is learning a lot, working hard, and taking on more responsibility. This picture is from our 5 year anniversary on New Year's Day at the Raider game. I love you babe!
Plus, I hope to share some projects I have been working on lately (hence lack of posts) this weekend!


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  1. Finally catching up on your blog! How sweet -this is nice how you put the two together.


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