Friday, March 16, 2012

nail art

This week I went a little crazy with the first mani, yes, first.

 I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear's Mint Sorbet and Celeb City, mixed in some cosmetic glitter and  Milani Nail Art silver [ADD in some white hand-painted flowers and pink rhinestones]

I used the good-old masking tape to do a slanted design. I recommend doing the base color HOURS before using the masking tape and sticking the tape to something before using it.

Well, after all that work I took it off the next day. It was just too much. 
It's dark and rainy here in northern California - so I chose my trusty Jessica Midnight Moonlight.

I couldn't resist a little sparkle (and had to cover an imperfection) - I love Essie's Set in Stones.

This will probably stick around until Sunday - no St. Patty's green for me!


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  1. i just got that essie glitter polish and i am so excited to use it! your nails look great, girl! now i need some mint colored nail polish!

  2. both nail combos are amazing!! love the colors!

    happy weekend!


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